Imagine the Light (Entire Book Revealed)

To complete my BA in photography back in 2008, I was required to make a book of my images along with an artist statement.  It took me a while to figure out which images I wanted to focus on, but after reviewing my previous work, I decided that what I deemed to be my “poetic photography” pieces were the strongest ones.  When I combined my love for poetry and photography, I was able to convey meaning and emotion into my pieces.  Below is the digital version of my little book.  I will start off with the first few pages and edit this post each week to include a few more pages.  The complete book will be revealed by mid April.

Imagine the Light

Photo Journal

Artist Statement

Timeless Art

Sunlit Rays


Soles on Paths

Natural Wave

Timeless Universe

Beauty of Nature

Love of Nature

Beat by Beat

 People Are All Alone

Recreate a Memory

Imagine the Light Back Cover

11 thoughts on “Imagine the Light (Entire Book Revealed)

  1. I’m about to put together the Spring Showcase at ‘the zen space’ (http:// thezenspace. wordpress. com). I wonder if you would allow me to reproduce the items above, and link to your blog?

    Marie Marshall

    1. Hi Marie, thanks for stopping by. I would be honored to be featured on The Zen Space. I just took a look at the previous showcases and loved the atmosphere of the collection. I plan to post the remaining pages over the next two weeks, please let me know if you would like to see them sooner than that. 🙂

      1. Thank you. No, keep to your planned pace. I’ll simply recommend that readers should follow this blog if they want to see more.


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