Memory Poems

These characters came to me in a dream and I’ve been mapping out their love stories ever since, sometimes living in their world instead of my own.  I reenact the scenes in my mind, becoming one of the characters.  I haven’t had such visions since my days in high school.  Back then, these characters and their stories only lived in my mind.  This time around, I’d like to share their stories with you, through a series of memory poems that may or may not be in order.

I hope you enjoy this journey with me as I reveal their stories each week.


Memory Poem #1: Cyan & Jillian: First Kiss

Memory Poem #2: Cyan & Jillian: The Painting

Memory Poem #3: Sam & Rachel: The Proposal

Memory Poem #4: Cyan & Jillian: A Whole New World

Memory Poem #5: Cyan & Jillian: The Make-Out Session

Memory Poem #6: Jillian & Jessica: Girl Talk

Memory Poem #7: Cyan & Lance: Guy Talk

Memory Poem #8: Cyan & Jillian: Morning Run

Memory Poem #9: Lance & Mina: Morning Breeze

Memory Poem #10: Jillian: Dressing Up

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