Raw Emotions

I found this old collage from my college days and decided to write a poem about it.  I hope it touches you =)

Raw Emotions

In a stifling room,
you hold your breath…
fighting for control
as you stagger and lean,
flailing your arms internally,
as your chest rises and burns…

It’s like you’re drowning
underwater, struggling
to breathe.

It’s like you’re a dying
engine, sputtering
but won’t start.

It’s like you’re a match
flickering and wavering,
struggling to be lit
at the mercy
of the wind.

An escape for air,
a little sniffle,
a single tear,
a tiny scream, a slight

No longer contained,
your head above water,
gasping for air…

The engine starts
and ROARS,
the match BURSTS
into flames.

All control is lost
as you SCREAM
in agony, SHRIEK
in pain, HOLLER
in madness
with tears
and snot
and drool,
like an infant,
like a toddler.

The world knows
you are not pretty.
You are not perfect,
only human
in the rawest sense.


My Precious

I entered a room filled with candlelight,
rose petals scattered the floor.
“Oasis” plays in the background.

I smell the sweet aroma
of coffee, of cocoa
and of cream.

Smiling in anticipation,
I reach for my precious
flickering in the candlelight.

Silky cream on my fingertips,
soft and smooth to the touch.
I slice the sponge-like cake
and devour
this exquisite Italian gem.

The perfect amount
of sweetness
fills my mouth
and satisfies
my tongue.

Comfort, happiness, pleasure…

We blow out the candle
and slow dance in the dark
to the beautiful music
in our hearts, in our souls,
in our appetites.

“When we’re lost in a desert night
and we’re chasing our paradise,
when we can’t fight another fight,
we’re gonna make it.
You’re my oasis.”

We kiss in the dark,
our shadows in a tight embrace.
I know I love you,
my precious, tiramisu.



Gnawing, grinding
stretching, chewing
me inside out.
I thrash
from side to side,
twisting and turning,
I catch my breath,
only to claw
at my nightmare
with eyes wide open,
ready to rip
my intestines,
my ovaries,
to be free
of the pain
as I sink
into my pillow,
and close my eyes
to pray,
but I find
in frustration
I could turn back time
and be a boy instead,
trade my extra X
for a Y.

The turmoils
of womanhood –
yearly heartbreaks
and monthly cramps.
Hiding tears
behind laughter,
we always hope
for better days,
better nights,
so we wouldn’t
be sitting here
to the clock,
writing this poem
at 3 am.

Love Thy Knee

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, especially when it comes to physical abilities.  Know your limits, understand your body, but also have the courage to challenge yourself to do the things that you love.  Be smart, be brave, be you.

Love Thy Knee

Hold me, love me
wrap me up and hug me,
kiss me, feel me,
cherish and protect me,
truly, truly
get to know me.

Study the way I walk,
know the way I work,
For you I’ll bounce back up.
I’ll bend and twist
to find the right path.
I’ll walk for you,
but be gentle with me
for I am fragile
just like life.
I can break and I can fall,
so understand me.

Love me
without force,
without pressure,
wrap me up
and protect me.
Love me,
Love thy knee.

– Image taken from Google

like no other

sniff, sniff, inhale,
take a whiff
of the sweet aroma,
an addiction
like no other.

the scent of cocoa
drifts in your nostrils
as you tremble
with longing,
with desire,
for the cake
of your dreams.

German Chocolate Cake
and gentle
to the touch,
in your hands,
on your tongue
a sensation
like no other.

sandwiched between
layers and layers
of coconut pecan frosting.
cool, crisp, rich,
super, super, creamy,
a burst of flavor
in your mouth.

German Chocolate Cake Slice
your taste buds,
your tongue,
a lingering moment
of bliss.
savor it!

shut your eyes,
more, more, more,
you just can’t resist
licking your lips.

licking your lips
in orgasmic pleasure.
no one does it better
than betty crocker.

Betty Crocker Cake Mix
~ all images taken from google


Here’s a short, fun poem for you to enjoy 🙂


colored pink, silver,
or anything else,
they grow,
they scratch, they pick,
they peel.
round, square,
short or long,
they belong
on fingers
and toes.

Image from united-academics.org
Pretty Nails
Image from allwomenstalk.com


Hershey’s Kiss

Here is a fun poem about everyone’s favorite chocolate in the month of February.  I hope you enjoy this piece!

Hershey’s Kiss

An almond shaped like a gem,
placed in a swirling chocolate liquid
beating with life.
Sweet and scented,
twisted and molded
into a flattened teardrop.

Dark and brown
like nature’s dirt.
Carefully dressed
in silver,
sometimes in red,
sometimes in gold.

Hershey’s kiss,
shaped by He,
loved by Her.

Like a chocolate,
I melt in your mouth.