Adorable Dolphins

Over the past two months, I have been very focused on promoting my poetry book that I’m really starting to miss taking photos =)  As of next week, I plan to start having regular dates with my DSLR again.

While I don’t have any new photos to share, I thought I’ll share some cute, happy, adorable photos from my Vegas trip in December.  These photos were taken at The Secret Garden of Siegfried & Roy at the Mirage Casino.

Dazzling Dolphin

Dolphin FriendsCurious, majestic, playful creatures swimming in the clear, deep blue sea, glancing at me, playfully, colliding with others happily, chasing toys, living life peacefully.

I watch them, with admiration and a little bit of jealousy.  I only wish I could be just as happy, just as carefree.

Dolphin Collage

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