The full moon hovers
in a star-filled sky
watching over us
as we lie
in a field of hay.

My eye sees
a protuding weed
above my head,
thinking back
on past memories.

Your body rubbing
against mine,
tongue in mouth,
kisses here, kisses there,
warm and fuzzy.
What’s this feeling –
in my spine?

Blushes, smiles, moans
and silent sighs,
kisses here, kisses there.

The moisture of your lips,
the warmth of your touch,
your voice, your laughter,
your fragrance,
your unspoken thoughts,
blends with mine.

Beat against beat,
breath against breath,
we live, we breathe,
we love…

Here we are again,
under the star-filled sky.
You look good tonight.
I was prepared

to roll around,
to giggle, to laugh,
to cry
in ecstasy.

But I’m silent and still
as I look at you
and you look at me,
and I know
that the past
can no longer be.

Warm and fuzzy,
gone with the wind
of yesteryear,

you and me
always and forever

walking together,
side by side
but separately
on the trail
of life.

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