Living the Dream

Last week, I posted some sunset photos from my Alaska trip and mentioned that I might write a poem based on those images.  I am delivering on my suggestion =)  Here is my original post.  Maybe next week, I will write a poem based on the 2nd image.

Sunset in the Ocean

Living the Dream

A beacon of light
across the ocean
like a guiding light
of hope and dreams
for tired travelers
that travel the world.

Amazed by the beauty
of the colors
in the sky
as blue becomes purple,
purple blends with pink,
pink melts into orange,
and back into blue.

A blazing yellow light
shines though
from the glow
of the bright, hot sun
fierce and blinding
to naked the eye.

Flickers of light
sparkle and dance
creating a path
of enchantment
to the travelers’ eyes.

Not knowing
where they are going,
but knowing
that they are safe,
that they are one
with nature.

Loving the freedom,
living the dream,
the sun set
across the sky
as it hovers
above the ocean.

Colors of The Sun

While sorting out the photos that I wanted to post on Facebook from my Alaska Cruise that I took last September, I came across these two gems.  Maybe next week, I will be writing a poem based on these images 🙂  Hopefully, they will inspire you to write something as well.  If so, please feel free to post a link on my comments section!

Sunset in the Ocean
Sunset in the Ocean
Sunrise at Tracy Arm Fjord
Sunrise at Tracy Arm Fjord