Haiku #24

She visits daily,
watching waves caress the shore,
a lovely goodbye.

Oxnard Sunset

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Landscapes or Seascapes

Cee’s challenge this week was landscapes or seascapes, but I’m going to do something a little different and post images of skyscapes that resemble seascapes 🙂

On my trip to Vegas, our flight was delayed a total of 4 hours, so what was supposed to be a noon flight ended up being a late afternoon flight where I got to see the sunset in the sky. It was an amazing view and probably the only thing beneficial about our flight delay (being stuck at the crowded LA airport for 3 hours).

I hope you enjoy these.

Sunset in the sky with foam-like waves
Sunset in the sky with foam-like waves
Thrashing waves in the sky
Thrashing waves in the sky

Black Birds

Going on an evening stroll,
step by step,
swinging my arms,
twisting my torso,
loving the movement,
feeling the freedom,
listening to mellow melodies
of instrumentals.

I watch black birds
swirl in the sky,
flying in harmony,
dancing in rhythm
loving life,
living freely
in the pink-blue sky.