A Little Publicity

There has been some exciting things happening in my world lately.  On Saturday, July 18th, I co-hosted “A Night of Musical Poetry” where I was the featured reader.  For the event, I memorized 2 lyrical haiku (Endlessly Lyrical and Turbulent Water), 4 short poems that had elements of music (Cadillac, Frozen in Time, A Knee’s Way and The Last Goodbye), and read 2 poems that were inspired by actual songs (Not Even the Trees and I Heard Him Making Love to His Guitar).  It was a great 20 minutes of fame.  I only wished that I spoke a little bit louder.  Prior to my reading, we were entertained by musicians that played the violin and the ukele.  After my reading, we were able to hear wonderful poems shared by fellow poets during open mic.  All in all, it was a beautiful and inspiring evening.

Here is a photo from the event.A Night of Musical PoetryThree days later, on July 21st, we had a Gallery Day event at work.  I had the opportunity to showcase Whisperings to my fellow colleagues.  It was a fun, classy event with music, art, wine and cheese. =)

Whisperings at Gallery Day
Gallery Day

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