Recent News and Postings

The Whisperings Publication was mentioned in the Poetry Center San Jose (PCSJ) eNewsletter In So Many Words.

Last month on October 16th, I read my poem Moonbathing at the Willow Glen Poetry Project.  It is now posted on their website.  There were a total of 31 readers that night.  You can see the full list hereDream Cather was one of my favorite ones that I heard that night, while Cyborg Penis was probably one of the more unique ones.

I also attended the Willow Glen Poetry Project this month, on November 20th.  The featured reader that night was Ellen Bass from Santa Cruz.  As part of the introduction, the MC discussed the beauty of Ellen’s work, in particular What Did I Love, which was a poem that was praised by the 2011-2012 Poet Laureate of the United States, Philip Levine.  You can read the full introduction here.  Ellen shared many beautiful, witty and inspiring poems that Thursday night.  I look forward to attending more of these local readings 🙂

On a more personal note, I am still deciding on which library to book for my Whisperings poetry reading in late January, stay tuned for that!

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