People Against the World

There are so many things that I come by every day, that I read about, that I watch or that I hear and often ignore.  However, some things are so powerful that it makes me take a moment and think about the world, about life, and mostly, about how people view life.  For instance, I heard this song on the radio the other day about homosexuals.  It’s not everyday you hear this type of song.  It was very touching in that through music, the artist was able to showcase how stereotypes and religion affect people in a negative way.  It really made me open my eyes and realize how judgmental, scared, and selfish people are by nature and how great it would be if we could all accept each other, regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation.  I had to look up the song, so if you haven’t heard it yet, it’s called “Same Love” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, featuring Mary Lambert.  I’ll insert it below for you 🙂

A few days prior to me hearing this song, a friend of mine posted on Facebook that Idaho is coming up with a bill to allow doctors the right to deny service to LGBT people due to religious beliefs.  This sort of blew my mind as we are in 2014.  Here is the article.

Over the years, the world changes.  Our technology and our style of living becomes more advanced, but I’m not really sure people grow emotionally or psychologically since we always seem to be in the same situations, despite the time period.

This same week, I happened to watch an episode of Babylon 5 with my boyfriend (who is a huge fan).  The episode was “Confessions and Lamentations” and talked about a disease that was striking the Markab people like the plague.  When the disease first appeared many years ago, it only affected a small percent of the Markab population that was at a different location.  They thought it struck those citizens because they had disappointed God.  When the disease appeared again years later, citizens thought they wouldn’t be affected because they were in God’s graces and when it did strike, the government would not allow them to talk of it (as they were ashamed of what was happening).  Little by little, all the Markab were getting infected at the station.  Other races, afraid that the disease would spread to them wanted the Markab to be isolated.  Some of the other races even abused the Markab, blaming them for the situation.  Unfortunately, the cure came too late, and all the Markab were unable to survive the disease.  The thing that really struck me the most was the ending of the episode, how people simply joked about the Markab being extinct.

As an optimistic dreamer, I hope that people can improve their mindset and show true compassion to others in need, or at least be less insensitive.

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