Goodbye Floral Beauty

We will be moving office locations this week, so being the sentimental person that I am, I decided to venture out and capture the beautiful floral that I often walk by on a daily basis, as I will no longer see them.  Beautiful Flora, I hope you continue to flourish and bring beauty to all that behold you.  Please know that you will be missed.

Purple Flower

Sunrise in the Sky

The only good thing about an early morning flight for a business trip is the possible opportunity to see the sun rise while you are flying high in the sky.  Lucky for me, this past Tuesday (being half awake), I was able to take in this beautiful view. 

While this is not the best shot I could have taken with my camera phone, it should give you a general idea 🙂  You see, I was too busy initially marveling at the view and coming up with the right words to describe it in my poem.  I hope you enjoy this piece.  By the way, do you spot the heart in the first photo?

sunrise in the sky

Sunrise in the Sky

An ocean of clouds,
textured, soft and clumpy
like cotton, like snow
bathed in champaigne
colored sunshine.

It weaves in and out
between mountain ranges
like wispy waves
against the shore
through ridges,
like a river,
a waterfall

as the sun embraces
the glacier-like clouds
and mountains
with a gentle warmth,
a golden touch,
a lovely strip of pink
high above
the California sky.

I witness
this sight.


And here are two other cool images that I liked 🙂

Flying High
Flying High



Sunday Post: Nature

I found out about this challenge from Dawn’s Post and decided to join in on the fun this week.  I was visiting the Phoenix area in November and decided to check out the Desert Botanical Garden.  Lucky for me, there was a Chihuly in the Garden exhibit, which was spectacular.  I ended up going there in the late afternoon, so I was able to see the exhibit in sunlight, sunset, twilight and darkness.  I had to tinker around with my camera settings a bit.  The following images are my favorite shots because it has interesting juxtaposition (man-made objects in a natural landscape).  I hope you enjoy it!  To join the challenge yourself, visit the Sunday Post.

Cactus in Disguise
Cactus in Disguise
Dancing Seductress
Dancing Seductress
Elegant Enchantress
Elegant Enchantress
Glass Cactus
Glass Cactus
Paddling in the Lake
Paddling in the Lake
Fireball in the Desert
Fireball in the Desert


Scene in the Wilderness

About two week’s ago, I posted an image of a sunrise at Tracy Arm Fjord, which I witnessed during my Alaska Cruise.  I have went ahead and wrote a poem based on that image =)  These are actually fun exercises.  If there is any photo that you would like me to try and write a poem on, please feel free to post it in the comments section.

Sunrise at Tracy Arm Fjord
Sunrise at Tracy Arm Fjord

Scene in the Wilderness

Half asleep, my eyes can see
a most amazing serene beauty,
golden sunlight mixed with
white wispy clouds
touching areas of pink
all hugging the baby blue sky
above a white
snow-capped mountain
in the middle
of the ocean,
like a postcard
I didn’t expect
to see in reality.

Scene in the wilderness,
magical pastels
painted by light
captured in my eyes,
framed in my mind,
shot with my lens,
forever lives
in my soul.

The waves thrash gently
below the ship,
icebergs float aimlessly,
wind blows ferociously
in my face
as my hand freezes,
holding dearly
to my camera
trying to capture
this moment
at the break
of dawn –
Day 9 –
Tracy Arm Fjord.

Young Love

With Valentine’s Day slowly approaching, I wanted to share a sweet poem about young love.

Young Love

Bon soir, midnight –
a starless sky
full of cotton-
candy clouds.

Between them
are figurines –
a sea horse, a dog,
a character,
a bunny with a gun –
ink blot tests
of the mind.

In the distance,
the shape, of
water slides,
and a sky light
shining colors
of the world.

Before us,
the crystal lake,
like a diamond
with orange,
so quiet, so still.

The geese, they sing
for us
as we lay

I can feel
your body
moving, breathing
next to mine.

Your arm
wraps around
me.  It feels
so warm, so tight,
so right…

Living the Dream

Last week, I posted some sunset photos from my Alaska trip and mentioned that I might write a poem based on those images.  I am delivering on my suggestion =)  Here is my original post.  Maybe next week, I will write a poem based on the 2nd image.

Sunset in the Ocean

Living the Dream

A beacon of light
across the ocean
like a guiding light
of hope and dreams
for tired travelers
that travel the world.

Amazed by the beauty
of the colors
in the sky
as blue becomes purple,
purple blends with pink,
pink melts into orange,
and back into blue.

A blazing yellow light
shines though
from the glow
of the bright, hot sun
fierce and blinding
to naked the eye.

Flickers of light
sparkle and dance
creating a path
of enchantment
to the travelers’ eyes.

Not knowing
where they are going,
but knowing
that they are safe,
that they are one
with nature.

Loving the freedom,
living the dream,
the sun set
across the sky
as it hovers
above the ocean.

Colors of The Sun

While sorting out the photos that I wanted to post on Facebook from my Alaska Cruise that I took last September, I came across these two gems.  Maybe next week, I will be writing a poem based on these images 🙂  Hopefully, they will inspire you to write something as well.  If so, please feel free to post a link on my comments section!

Sunset in the Ocean
Sunset in the Ocean
Sunrise at Tracy Arm Fjord
Sunrise at Tracy Arm Fjord



The soft glow emanates from the sky,
no longer beautiful pinks and purples,
but a dark, dark blue and a dim, dim black.
My eyes adjust to the darkness,
as a chill goes up my spine.

Ducks and crickets sing to the night,
fish perform acrobatics
in the lake
causing ripples to spread,
here, there, everywhere…


I feel your hand embrace mine,
the warmth tingles up my spine
as I lean in close to you
hearing your heart beat
against mine.

We watch the day turn to night,
listening to nature’s symphony.

Tranquil Beauty

I wrote this poem while on a plane ride and was just mesmerized by the scene unfolding before me.

Tranquil Beauty

High above in the troposphere,
a blanket of clouds form a sea,
thin, wispy and free
floating like cream on your coffee.

Imagine walking through cloudy fog
with no pressure, no resistance,
knee deep and feeling nothing
but the white that you see.

Canoeing through waves of white,
textured clouds, feeling motion
without force, moving, but standing
still in an ocean where there’s no reflection,
but the ones in your mind.

Listen to the wispy clouds crashing
weightlessly against the imaginary shore.
Waves so gentle like foams of cream,
a truly silent beauty.

As the sun starts to set
above the sea of clouds,
gradients of pink and orange
melt into the baby blue sky.
A sunset where
no bird’s eye has really seen.

As we fly lower and lower
into the field of clouds,
a beautiful meadow of white,
sparkles of precipitation
appear before my very eyes,
leaving behind
trails of shooting stars,
in the twilight sky,
a stream of wishes by my window side.
I close my eyes and dream.

The scene outside my window
The scene outside my window