The Sun, The Moon, and a Splash of Color

While my boyfriend and I were out shopping today, I noticed that the moon was amazingly round and gorgeous.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t until 10 pm when I got the camera and the moon was already high in the sky.  The mood had changed, but I still took the photo.  The photo by itself wasn’t amazing, so I decided to combine it with a photo I took during our hike 2 weeks ago, and what started as a collage ended up as an abstract piece that I actually like =)

The Sun, The Moon, and a Splash of Color

Sunrise in the Sky

The only good thing about an early morning flight for a business trip is the possible opportunity to see the sun rise while you are flying high in the sky.  Lucky for me, this past Tuesday (being half awake), I was able to take in this beautiful view. 

While this is not the best shot I could have taken with my camera phone, it should give you a general idea 🙂  You see, I was too busy initially marveling at the view and coming up with the right words to describe it in my poem.  I hope you enjoy this piece.  By the way, do you spot the heart in the first photo?

sunrise in the sky

Sunrise in the Sky

An ocean of clouds,
textured, soft and clumpy
like cotton, like snow
bathed in champaigne
colored sunshine.

It weaves in and out
between mountain ranges
like wispy waves
against the shore
through ridges,
like a river,
a waterfall

as the sun embraces
the glacier-like clouds
and mountains
with a gentle warmth,
a golden touch,
a lovely strip of pink
high above
the California sky.

I witness
this sight.


And here are two other cool images that I liked 🙂

Flying High
Flying High