The Engagement

High on the mountaintop
in the dark of night,
we see a shimmering sea
of florescent orange lights.
A twinkle here, a sparkle there,
no currents, only man-made waves –
cellular, radio, satellite –
connecting you, me, and the world…
wide web, surfing an intangible
ocean, as the lights flicker
and shimmer.  We admire
the cool night breeze, the smell
of dry grass, the sound
of singing crickets, the feel
of soft dirt on the bottom
of our soles, as we breathe in
the fresh air, high above
the orange ocean.

~ image from Google

Haiku #16

I’ve been preoccupied with my next big project lately, so I haven’t been able to focus on poetry as much.  However, I randomly rediscovered this photo today and a perfect haiku came to mind.  I hope you enjoy this change in perspective. =)

A Duck’s Intentions

Splashing in the pool,
watching humans watching me,
perfect photo opp.