Breathing in the fresh mountain air,
I absorb the landscape before me.
Standing tall beneath the wispy clouds,
the mountain embraces the river.
Sandy brown, granite gray,
with streams of white pebbles
flowing down the slopes.

Flowing to
a richer part of the mountain
covered with yellow-green grass,
surrounded by auburn trees,
next to the white pebble beach
by the blue-green water.
The sun shines throughout.

Standing on Kappa Bridge,
I look dull in comparison,
for I am only one color,
the color of my skin.
However, when standing next
to my brothers and sisters
from all over the world,
we are also part of nature’s beauty,
varying colors standing together,
living in harmony.


Two Hours in Nature @ Coyote Lake Park

Do you ever feel like you need to take a mental break and just go somewhere nice for a day all by your lonesome self?  I get this feeling every once in a while.  Friday was one of those days and I decided to spend it at Coyote Lake Park in Gilroy.

Breathing in the fresh air
of the pristine lake,
watching the water glisten
in the sun
as birds soar high
in the sky
and I sit back
and think
what a wonderful day
lounging around
and reading my book
in the midst of nature.