Haiku #34

I apologize for not posting in a while, as I have been busy working on wedding planning stuff.  As the big day gets closer and closer, many of my poems may reflect wedding-related topics.  I hope you enjoy them 🙂

Haiku #34

Loyal, truthful teal,
magical, elegant gold –
love – wedding colors


Can you Beelieve it’s Spring?

To celebrate the arrival of spring, I wanted to dedicate a post to bees that miraculously appeared in my life.

Bee on Flower
Bee at the Santa Cruz Arboretum
Bee on Rose
Bee at the San Juan Bautista Mission
Bee on Violet Flowers
Bee at Gamble Garden in Palo Alto

And now for a poem about a special moment I had with a bee…

– photo from underthesink.blogspot.com

A bee flew
onto my windshield,
landed without a sound.
As I thought,
“OMG, it’s a bee,”
its pulsating bottom
kept taunting me,

Beating like a heart,
Was it a sign of love,
or just biology?

Its legs were moving
as if it didn’t know
what to do, dancing
on the windshield.

Then the wind
blew him away.
he was injured.

As I contemplated
this moment,
I saw a random truck
run a red light,
a left turn
from the straight
middle lane.

We see crazies
in this world.

And life

goes on.




Goodbye Floral Beauty

We will be moving office locations this week, so being the sentimental person that I am, I decided to venture out and capture the beautiful floral that I often walk by on a daily basis, as I will no longer see them.  Beautiful Flora, I hope you continue to flourish and bring beauty to all that behold you.  Please know that you will be missed.

Purple Flower