A Dream Within A Dream

You find yourself wondering
if what had happened,
happened in a dream,
but you can’t remember,
because it’s surreal, yet real,
until you realize
that you’re still dreaming,
and what had happened
happened in a dream
within a dream.

It’s like a weird inception
of the subconscious.
When you awake,
you are baffled, confused,
what does it mean?

Did the event that happened
really happen?
Or did it really happen
in a dream?

Or did it happen in a dream
within a dream?




High on Relaxation

a walk in the park,
a glance at the stars,
some chatting, some eating
cookies ‘n cream ice cream,

some humming,
some sipping
vanilla lattes
in a mellow cafe
writing poetry
on a rainy day.

some drawing, some painting,
some reading
on the couch,
some dancing, some jumping
some musical therapy.

some snuggling,
some cuddling,
some aromatherapy
some sleeping,
some dreaming,
a total ME day,
a dream come true.

– Read about how I spent my Friday “me day” here.