Reverse Poetry

Happy New Year everyone!  Sorry, I’ve been slacking off on my blog posts these days.  Anyhow, I will ring in 2019 with some creative poetry.  I came across this poem by Abdullah Shoaib from a friend’s post on Facebook and was inspired by the concept.

When you read the poem from top-down, the narrator has a low self-esteem, but if you read the poem from bottom-up, she is comfortable and confident.  This structure of displaying opposite messaging does take some careful crafting, so I decided to try one of my own as well =)  I hope you enjoy both poems and I encourage you to try one of your own.



Emotionless Wall

Last week I posted about what it meant to be an INTJ personality type and how it affected my emotions (or lack thereof).  I thought it would be fitting to post a poem I wrote many years ago that described my emotional capacity.

Emotionless Wall

Blurs of people,Emotionless Wall
swirls of feelings,
surrounding, engulfing,
suffocating me.

They are laughing,
smiling, joking,
screaming and crying,
burning the streets with passion,
waiting in anticipation,
cowering in fear,
drowning in endless tears,
but they do not move me.

“Her father is dead,”
so I’ve heard.
But hard as I try,
I cannot cry.
Not one single tear
to show that I care…

I want to feel for her,
I want to share her pain,
but I can’t do a thing.
I can’t say a word of comfort,
I can’t say I understand.

Sympathy, empathy…
they are beyond me.
All my emotions
buried deep down inside.
I dig and I pry,
but hard as I try,
I still cannot cry.

I only nod and gaze,
wondering if I’m human,
‘cuz I can’t feel a thing,
not a thing at all,
an emotionless wall.

So Precious, So Ephemeral

A soft breeze drifts by
as you open your eyes
to the rising sun
emitting an ivory light,
so breathless, so beautiful,
full of life.

The scent of fresh grass,
a newborn’s cry,
birds singing their song
to the whispering wind.

Feelings emerge,
overwhelming you.
Love… life… everything nice.
The birth of a new day…

but everything changes…
when the sun starts to set
from day to night –
yellow, pink, purple, navy

Soon the twinkling stars
will disappear…
loneliness, fear, neglect,
guilt and shame,
who is to blame?

The breathing of the lungs
in and out,
the chest continually rising
up and down,
so quiet, so still…

The rose withers away,
no longer beautiful,
no longer loved.

The beating of the heart
starts to dissipate.
Time is ticking

Blood clotting in the heart,
memories clogging the mind.
The flicker of hope
begins to dim…

A knock at the door,
it is time…

so precious,
so ephemeral.