Book Review Exchange

Whisperings CoverI hope everyone had an amazing 4th of July!  While writing reviews on Amazon, this idea popped into my head.  Anyone interested in having a Book Review Exchange?  I’ll give you a copy of my book, and you give me a copy of yours.  We both read the books and write a review on our blog and on Amazon.  My book Whisperings is available on paperback and on Kindle, so whichever you prefer, I can send it your way.

Personally, I prefer to read paperbacks because it’s hard for me to concentrate on long passages on the computer.  There’s also that comforting, nostalgic, and satisfactory feeling of flipping the pages of a book that you can’t get from an e-book.  However; that’s just me =)

If interested, let me know!  I look forward to reading your book.

~ Jenny Katherine Luu

The Whisperings Book is Officially on the Market!

I am happy to announce that after almost two years of work in selecting, collating, editing, proofing, designing and tweaking my collection of poems, Whisperings is officially published and available for purchase on CreateSpace!   Read about it here: It is now available on Amazon as well:

Stay tuned for future release dates and local poetry readings!

Thanks everyone for your support! 🙂

Whisperings Cover