I rediscovered this endearing poem that I wrote for my colleague back in 2009.  I hope you enjoy it.


I sat there for a while
thinking of your crooked
little smile,
dreaming of the day
you’d be in my arms,
sleeping throughout the night,
as the crickets sing
and the stars shine bright.

I’d hear  you breathe,
a comforting sound
as your little heart
lightly pounds.
Skin – silky smooth,
hair – wavy soft,
I’d whisper
in your ear,
“I love you.”

– image from Google


A fun duet poem that I wrote with Hastywords =)


Sorry this took me so long Jenny. Thank you for writing with me!


Written by Jenny Katherine Luu and Hastywords

Her slippers weren’t made of glass
They were faded with stringy holes
Her dresses were made and simply sewn
From the remnants of old flour sacks
With much love and motherly care
Two things her life never did lack

Poor, loved and protected,
She was the sweetest of gullible
And with the voice of an angel
She sang throughout the town
Skipping from shop to shop,
Dancing in her patch-work gown.
Her life wasn’t full of glittery flair

But her eyes sparkled more than most
And though her hair wasn’t shiny gold
All the other girls envied her tresses
Her mother’s brush made doubly sure
It never tangled up into messes

‘Tis the story of a normal girl
Who could dance like no other.
Floating and fluttering; to and fro

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The Bad Little Angel

In honor of Halloween, here’s a fun poem.

The Bad Little Angel

Dear Dracula,” wrote the little girl,
More than anything in the world,
I wish to meet you.
You don’t believe me, but it’s true.
The darkness within me
longs for your embrace.
I want to surrender to you,
body and soul.
I want to lose my mind
and lose control.
My heart aches for your touch.
I want to feel the power,
the adrenaline, and the rush.

I want to kiss
your luscious red lips.
I long to touch
your smooth, cold skin.
My body tingles
at your touch,
and I love
that very much.

I am hypnotized and mesmerized
by your fiery, red eyes.
I want to feel
your sharp, canine teeth
pierce through my skin.
I want to feel
the pain and power
from within.
I am thirsty for you unholy blood
being poured into my mouth.
I long to be
in complete ecstasy and oblivion…

The girl looked up, startled,
and said, “Oh, my God.”
For there he was.
“What are you writing?” asked God.
“Nothing,” muttered the girl.
“You better not write anything indecent,
or else you’ll lose your wings,” He warned.
The little angel looked around,
crumpled up the paper
and threw it away.
She started another letter
and wrote, “Dear Lucifer.”


Marina Memories

Hand in hand, walking along the beach
as our feet sink into the warm, soft sand.
Is this what lovers do
as they watch waves crashing
against the shore?

Cascading patterns of beauty,
moving back and forth,
proceeding with weight
and density,
receding with transparent

Mixed with the gentle breeze of the wind,
it’s like a musical dance of nature.
Refreshing foams of water
melt into the arms of the soft sand,
an endearing moment
repeated throughout time,
a truly magnetic wonder
that attracts both man and bird alike.

Flirting with danger,
they touch the tip of the wave,
a sensational feeling of ice.
Overwhelmed by its intensity,
they run to shore,
afraid to be sucked in deeper,
yet tempted
by the unknown,
they return…

and we stare…



They were flying,
I could see it in their faces,
eyes wide, big grins, flowing hair.

Plummeting down the steep slopes,
it was freedom without adults,
no barriers, no restrictions,
going with nature
on a man-made slope.

Their whole beings throbbed
with power.
The lack of control
meant conquering the world.
30 seconds, it was over.
They landed
safe and sound.
The thrill still pounding
in their hearts,
sensations tingling
in their minds.

“I wanna try too,” I begged.
“You’re too little,” my brother said.
But the indignant girl
got her way.

Sitting at the top,
twirling with pride and fear,
I gave a little shove,
and went flying into the air.

My eyes wide open,
afraid to look,
but curious all the same.

Passing blurs of tables and sofas,
the carpet was like quicksand,
sucking me in,
into its embrace
of the unknown.
Freedom… maybe,
but more like fear and awe.

Almost to the bottom,
I was coming out of the tunnel
and into the light,
but I could not stop,
no breaks,
but my butt off the cardboard
and my forehead
against the closet door.

One-Hour Drive

The perfect poem for a rainy day

One-Hour Drive

It’s relaxing to drive
under the sprinkles,
listening to the radio
as you watch the rainbow
come out of the golden-vanilla sky
that’s semi-polluted
with chemicals
and you think to yourself,
“what a wonderful life.”

Rainbow on Freeway
A road full of strangers
with one common goal,
the desire, the need, the want
to go some place,
to belong somewhere.

As they move forward,
spurts of water
splash your window,
blocking your vision,
leaving you behind.

Rainy Drive
The sky becomes grayer.
Life becomes bluer
as you stare at the massive freeways
looming above your head,
realizing how beautiful,
strong and solid they are,
how small and fragile you are,
sitting in your stylish little car.
And The Fray comes on,
“You found me, you found me …
lost and insecure.”

~ all images taken from Google


A Journey up the Mystical Mountain

Back in 2012, I created the Inspiration Circle where I would post a theme every month for everyone to create a piece of art (whether it was a poem, a short story, a painting or a photograph).  For one of the months, the theme was “friendship.”  The first draft of my poem was pretty bland because it lacked imagery, depth and emotion.  I was “telling” instead of “showing.”  So I threw that away and started fresh, focusing on imagery.  I decided to focus on the image of a pretty mountain in China and just for the sake of it, I used the Sestina structure.  I typically write in free verse because I don’t like restrictions; however, of all the poetic structures, sestinas are my favorite.  With sestinas, you are not restricted with syllables, rhythm or line length, but with end words.  With that, you often find yourself surprised with what you come up with.  If you never heard of a sestina, you can read about it here:  I hope you enjoy this piece.

A Journey up the Mystical Mountain

Hidden in the fog, but showered with cherry blossoms,
we continued on our journey up the mountain.
The floral sent drifted in our nostrils while the wind brushed against our cheeks.
We’ve only been hiking for a few hours, but it seemed like eternity,
walking through the winding paths together –
a wonderful journey to be discovered.

Not knowing what to expect, I looked at you and discovered
how you have changed over the years, how you have blossomed
into a stronger person from the last time we were together.
The experiences from the past have given you strength to climb this mountain,
knowing that what you uncover will inspire you through eternity.
Catching you return my gaze, I became embarrassed and turned the other cheek.

With the sharp wind brushing against my face, I envisioned how rosy my cheeks
must be.  Hiking step by step, I have discovered
that I would love to live in this serene beauty for eternity –
high elevation, fresh air, sounds of trickling water, and pink cherry blossoms –
far away from the stress and demands of society, secluded in this mountain
with someone I trust, know and love – together

with you.  We’ve had our differences, but we remained together.
I remembered the last time we took photos cheek-to-cheek,
we were hiking up the crazy Santa Cruz mountains
and in the midst of it, we found a gem, we discovered
the most elegant waterfall next to a yellow rose about to blossom –
it was a symbol of our friendship, something we’ll remember for eternity.

“Best friends forever,” it seems like we said those words an eternity
ago, when we were six years old playing in the sandbox together.
We had no idea how our lives would change or how our friendship would blossom.
I recall getting ready for dances – putting on lipstick and powdering our cheeks,
and gushing about love, while mending broken hearts.  We had discovered
that life was full of winding paths and little hills, just like this mountain.

Step by step, hill by hill, we are finally reaching the top of this mountain.
Th sun is about to set, this will be the climb we talk about for eternity,
as sunlit rays shine upon us with mystical colors, we discovered
that we forgave each other for all the past tension.  We were happy together.
Love and trust need to be challenged.  Though we may not see cheek-to-cheek
on many things, we continue to water our friendship so that it can blossom.

High above the world, on this mystical mountain, we stand together
to capture a moment for eternity.  You gently brush a tear off my cheek
only to discover that you were crying too, under the beautiful cherry blossoms.


Writing Challenge: Now It’s Your Turn

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