They were flying,
I could see it in their faces,
eyes wide, big grins, flowing hair.

Plummeting down the steep slopes,
it was freedom without adults,
no barriers, no restrictions,
going with nature
on a man-made slope.

Their whole beings throbbed
with power.
The lack of control
meant conquering the world.
30 seconds, it was over.
They landed
safe and sound.
The thrill still pounding
in their hearts,
sensations tingling
in their minds.

“I wanna try too,” I begged.
“You’re too little,” my brother said.
But the indignant girl
got her way.

Sitting at the top,
twirling with pride and fear,
I gave a little shove,
and went flying into the air.

My eyes wide open,
afraid to look,
but curious all the same.

Passing blurs of tables and sofas,
the carpet was like quicksand,
sucking me in,
into its embrace
of the unknown.
Freedom… maybe,
but more like fear and awe.

Almost to the bottom,
I was coming out of the tunnel
and into the light,
but I could not stop,
no breaks,
but my butt off the cardboard
and my forehead
against the closet door.

like no other

sniff, sniff, inhale,
take a whiff
of the sweet aroma,
an addiction
like no other.

the scent of cocoa
drifts in your nostrils
as you tremble
with longing,
with desire,
for the cake
of your dreams.

German Chocolate Cake
and gentle
to the touch,
in your hands,
on your tongue
a sensation
like no other.

sandwiched between
layers and layers
of coconut pecan frosting.
cool, crisp, rich,
super, super, creamy,
a burst of flavor
in your mouth.

German Chocolate Cake Slice
your taste buds,
your tongue,
a lingering moment
of bliss.
savor it!

shut your eyes,
more, more, more,
you just can’t resist
licking your lips.

licking your lips
in orgasmic pleasure.
no one does it better
than betty crocker.

Betty Crocker Cake Mix
~ all images taken from google

Forever 21

I went shopping at Forever 21 today and snatched a great deal on an outerwear/bomber jacket that was originally priced at $44.80, reduced to $30.99, with an additional 40% off, resulting in a final price of $20.22 including tax.  It was awesome and I loved it!  My boyfriend, on the other hand, decided to wait outside the store while I did my shopping.  After all, shopping for clothes isn’t exactly fun for men, as I thought back of a poem I wrote many years ago.  Maybe about a decade ago, I went shopping at Forever 21 and noticed a group of men hanging out by the window, waiting for their girlfriends.  It inspired me to write this comedic poem.  It still cracks me up to this day =)


A row of men
by the windowsill
tweedle dee, tweedle dum
in front of racks and racks
of spaghetti-straps,
low-rise jeans
and cute little tops.

Fanning himself,
he mutters,
“It’s so hot.”

Inside she squeals,
“It’s so hot,”
placing a red top
against her chest
over her black
twirling around
and around,
staring at
her reflection,

her hair up,
her hair down,
it around.

They giggle,
her group of friends,
some in embarrassment,
some in envy,
some in private disgust.

Repeated over and over,
phrases and scenarios
throughout the store.
“It’s so cute.”
“It’s too tight.”
“That’s a deal.”
“Oh, my God!”
“They don’t have my size.”
“Hell, no!”

From day to day,
time to time,
and gossip.

A single girl
grabs a top.
“I got a boyfriend”
it says,
as she blushes
in thought.

“You do not!”
shouts her friend,
“I got a boyfriend,
and he’s hot,”
holding a black top
with just those words.

At the other rack,
a baby blue baby doll
reads, “My boyfriend’s out of town”
as a girl contemplates
naughty thoughts.
Tick tock, tick tock,

Alas she opted
for an army green top
that simply read
“I love my boyfriend.”
Tick tock, tick tock.

A row of men
sitting on the ledge
by the windowsill,
tweedle dee, tweedle dum.

He looks at him.
He looks at him.
He looks at the clock.
He sends a text.
Tick tock, tick tock.

Tweedle dee, tweedle dum.
He looks at him,
He looks at him,
“When is she done!?”
The days of


Forever 21 Store

Hershey’s Kiss

Here is a fun poem about everyone’s favorite chocolate in the month of February.  I hope you enjoy this piece!

Hershey’s Kiss

An almond shaped like a gem,
placed in a swirling chocolate liquid
beating with life.
Sweet and scented,
twisted and molded
into a flattened teardrop.

Dark and brown
like nature’s dirt.
Carefully dressed
in silver,
sometimes in red,
sometimes in gold.

Hershey’s kiss,
shaped by He,
loved by Her.

Like a chocolate,
I melt in your mouth.



The Courage of Youth

As people get older, they tend to lose a part of their childhood wonderment as they often let fear, social status and pessimism consume their minds.  As we approach the new year, I want to encourage all of you to let loose and have a little fun.  Let your inner child shine through =)  Here is a poem of my random adventure in the park.

The Courage of Youth

through the jungle
gym, reaching for ropes
and bars and handholds,
you pull yourself through,
with strength
from your arms
to your knees,
with your agility,

you pull yourself up,
slightly breathless,
gasping for air,
grasping for balance,
reaching the
of being
on top,

a challenge
that’s twice
as difficult
at your size,
and at your age,
but knowing
that you’re never
too old

to be silly
enough to try,
to be brave
enough to fall,
to be determined,
to be challenged,
to be a kid
on top of the world.